Diabetes Knowledge Test

The following quiz will assess your level of knowledge about various aspects of diabetes. Click on the submit button at the end of the test and your results will be displayed.

I. Please indicate the best answer

Question 1: Diabetes Mellitus:

is caused by eating too much sugar and sweet foods
is a condition in which the body cannot use food properly
results when the kidney cannot control sugar in the urine
is caused by liver failure

Question 2: The most common symptom(s) of diabetes mellitus is (are):

headache, chest pain
frequent urination, hunger, thirst
craving for sweets
sweaty, nervous

Question 3: The normal fasting blood sugar level is about:

40-70 mg/dl
65-110 mg/dl
115-160 mg/dl
160-240 mg/dl

Question 4: Pills for diabetes (oral diabetes medication):

are insulin taken in pill form
can lower blood sugar
are given to anyone with diabetes
can be taken any time of the day

Question 5: Insulin:

keeps the blood sugar level constant all day
can be taken any time of the day
helps the body use food properly by letting sugar enter the cells
raises the blood sugar level by keeping sugar in the blood vessels

Question 6: A regular exercise program

can help control blood sugar
can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
does not affect the blood sugar level
can help control blood sugar AND can lower blood pressure and cholesterol level
can help control blood sugar AND does not affect the blood sugar level

Question 7: A diabetes meal plan:

must be individualized to meet your needs
is a diet that requires many special foods
does not allow you to have any starches
allows you to have sweets anytime you want

Question 8: Foods high in saturated fats and cholesterol should be limited in order to:

lower your blood sugar level
cut down your chance of getting heart disease
lower your heart rate
I don't know

Question 9: Which is the best choice of food to have for sick days for a person with diabetes who takes daily insulin?

diet soda and hot tea
soup and apple sauce
don't eat or drink anything except water'

Question 10: Which of the following statements is correct for people with diabetes?

everyone with diabetes should have between-meal snacks
all active sports or heavy exercises should be avoided if you are taking insulin
changes in lifestyle (meal planning, exercise, medication, stress control) can help manage diabetes sucessfully
traveling should be avoided if taking insulin

II. Please indicate True or False below each statement

Question 11: It is not necessary to control the amount of food when taking diabetes pills (oral diabetes medication).


Question 12: Certain diabetes pills can help you lose weight.


Question 13: In most cases, exercise will lower blood sugar level.


Question 14: The effects of exercise can last a long time after stopping.


Question 15: Meals should be evenly spaced throughout the day, e.g. 4-5 hours apart.


Question 16: The diabetes meal plan needs to be modified from time to time, due to changes in lifestyle .


Question 17: People with diabetes are allowed to use as much sugar substitutes as they want.


Question 18: Many people with type II diabetes can maintain good blood sugar control by following a proper meal plan without having to take medication.


Question 19: Food, exercise, diabetes medication and stress can affect the blood sugar level.


Question 20: Glycosylated hemoglobin (hemoglobin A1c) is a blood test that shows the average level of fat in the blood during the past 8-12 weeks.


Question 21: The chance of getting type II diabetes is greater if a blood relative has had diabetes.


Question 22: A person with diabetes may often have feelings of fear, anxiety, denial, frustration, resentment or anger.


Question 23: A person with diabetes has a greater chance of having a heart attack, stroke, blindness or kidney desease than a person who does not have diabetes.


Question 24: Taking good care of your feet (protection, cleanliness and support) will guard against infection, injury and other foot problems related to poor circulation and nerve damage.


Question 25: When a person's blood sugar is out of control (high), there is a greater chance of infection and illness.


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